Tied to a desk in the near past

Not all history is ancient. In the early adoption of the world wide web by the masses, internet cafes and cyberstations, like the one pictured here, were popular places to flock for a quick coffee and email check. Now that we’re no longer tied to desks and hardwired internet connections, these locations are now relics of the past, even though “the past” was only 15 years ago.

Do you recall where this “cyberstation” is? Please feel free to share a fond memory as well!




2 thoughts on “Tied to a desk in the near past”

    1. You have great recall, Berst! The cyberstation sign and some of the old desks still reside in the basement at Horizon Books! Did anyone out there ever use those stations? Love swapping stories of early internet. How about TC.net? Anyone?

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