Can you name the nightclub these stairs belong to?

This stairway is all that remains of a formerly well-known nightclub in Traverse City that operated from the 1930’s up to 1970.  It is located where Maple Street crosses over Kid’s Creek.  What was the name of that nightclub? (Hint–the Kid’s Creek name might suggest the answer!)

Image courtesy of the author, December 2017.

6 thoughts on “Can you name the nightclub these stairs belong to?”

    1. Congratulations, “Johnny on the spot”-Mark! You’ve got the correct answer in record time! Check in next month for more information on the history of The Brooks nightclub!

      1. To be technically correct, it was named ‘The Brook’. Many bastardized it into ‘Brooks’, but a little research will reveal it was really ‘The Brook’.

  1. I thought the nightclub was The Brook. I was too young to go there when I lived in Traverse City, but I know it was a popular place.

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