Spouses provide correct answer to our Summer 2018 mystery photo!

Congratulations to both Liz and Mark Roberts, who (in a fun twist on the old “Battle of the Sexes” game show) both provided the correct answer to our mystery photo, including the bonus question! See the drama play out in the comments on the original post!

Indeed, it happened in 1934, a year to remember. The school children occupied Perry Hannah’s  home for the next school year. Imagine listening to the teacher in the same room Perry Hannah occupied thirty years before. Wild!

Congrats to the happy couple, virtual libations all around!

2 thoughts on “Spouses provide correct answer to our Summer 2018 mystery photo!”

  1. I remember standing with my parents on the 7th Street sidewalk, watching the fire. The next year, I was in third grade upstairs in the Hannah House on 6th Street.

    1. Such a terrifying scene–no wonder you remember it to this day. I’ve done a bit of research on your mother–who was a fine violinist. You must be proud!

      Richard Fidler

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