Traverse City’s Biggest School Fire: When and Where?

This is an image of Traverse City’s biggest school fire. Which school is it, and when did the fire take place?

Bonus question: A close-by mansion accommodated students for a year after the fire. What famous building was it?

8 thoughts on “Traverse City’s Biggest School Fire: When and Where?”

  1. Central Grade School
    fire occurred in 1934
    bonus question: maybe Perry Hannah Mansion…

  2. Central Grade School
    fire happened in 1934
    bonus question: I’ll guess the Perry Hannah Mansion

    1. Indeed, it happened in 1934, a year to remember. Yes, children occupied Perry Hanson’s home for the next school year. Imagine listening to the teacher in the same room Perry Hannah occupied thirty years before.

  3. I was in third grade when Central Grade School burned. We had classes in the Hannah House on Sixth Street until the new school was built. It was red brick with the junior high
    upstairs and the grade school downstairs.

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