Nestled next to a brook, “The Brook” had entertainment for all

This stairway is all that remains of a formerly well-known nightclub in Traverse City that operated from the 1930’s up to 1970.  It is located where Maple Street crosses over Kid’s Creek.  What was the name of that nightclub? (Hint–the Kid’s Creek name might suggest the answer!)

Thanks to reader Mark (with a little help from fellow readers Larry and Mozelle), we have our answer! “The Brook” was a happenin’ nightclub, a real jazzy joint, the old timers might say.

4 thoughts on “Nestled next to a brook, “The Brook” had entertainment for all”

  1. Do you know more about this nightclub?
    I remember my parents going there in the sixties.
    I thought possibly the creek actually ran through the inside?
    Love the history !
    Mary (Ammons) Goodman

        1. Indeed,it did. I love the remaining concrete stairway that led to the Brook–that still exists off Maple Street! Am always looking for relics like that–the old burglar alarms on banks or fire alarms on the side of downtown buildings.

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